What To Wear In The Winter: Ice Skating Edition

Finding the right outfit for each and every occasion is a challenge. However, with a little planning and a lot of patience, you can turn it into a rewarding activity. This article shares tips and advice on choosing what to wear when you go ice skating. It is more about comfort and convenience, and less about being fashionable on the skating rink.

Few of you may know that this sport can make you really hot, so wearing thick clothing is one of the worst ideas ever. Even if the ice rink is outdoors, you’ll still want to wear layers of clothing, so that you can undress some, should you feel too hot at a certain point. This is perhaps the most important ice skating outfit tip anyone could ever give you. If you don’t know how to layer your clothes, consider wearing a T-shirt, a soft sweater, and a big and fluffy scarf. Should you be too hot, you can always loosen the scarf. You may also carry another T-shirt in your bag, in order to change if you sweat too much.

In terms of footwear, you may think you’re going to wear your ice skates and you’d be right. However, a pair of comfy boots will make you feel great after your skating session, when you’re going to be on solid ground again. Your feet will be tired, so fitting them in tight shoes or high heels is going to make you feel miserable. Always make sure you wear comfortable shoes or boots when you go ice skating in the winter.

Although you can be fine without them, a pair of thick gloves will keep your hands warm, even on a very cod winter day. Besides, gloves may play an important role in protecting your fingers from getting hurt, should you slide or trip over and fall at some point during your skating session. This is something to consider, as ice skates can cause severe injuries to your fingers. Anyway, you should always remember to raise your hands as soon as you land on the ice surface. Once the other skaters notice you, they are going to slow down or even stop to help you, so you won’t be in such a danger any longer. The first moments, though, are critic, as an ice skater coming in full speed behind you may not have enough time to avoid the collision.

When it comes to protective equipment, most people ignore it completely. They think that a wool hat and some winter pants will keep them protected. However, many of them end up in the ER, with their skull broken or with leg injuries, as a result of ice skating incidents. For your own good, it’s best to wear a helmet and other protection gear such as gel pads for the knees and for the wrists. If you’re serious about staying safe, you should consider wearing protective gear for your elbows, chest and back. There are some special clothing items designed to protect your buttocks and your hips. Buy whatever you consider you need, but don’t overlook keeping your body parts safe. Ice skating can be dangerous, even if you are a good skater. Accidents happen all the time, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

If you wanted to know what to wear when going ice skating, now you can have a good idea about the types of clothing that would suit best this exciting winter sport. Choose the colors you like the most, mix and match them as you wish, but always keep in mind that safety and comfort should come first.